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THIS. WHAT IS THIS?! Holy fudge, THIS!!! *fangasms*

Want want want want want want~

Graphics look amazing! 8D And the battles totally remind me of the good ol' Pokemon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness. ladksfj;alsf I can't even-!

Now, a few things to know: I'm not much of a gamer. I'm only good at turn-based systems 'cause they makes me think of those smarticles board games like Chess or Checkers. As much as I'm a fan of Kingdom Hearts (and Riku) and some other games, I just....can't really play them. I've tried KH II, which is supposed to be easy, but I got stuck and confused with the controls in just the First Day xD *sad disappointed at self*

BUT THIS~!!! Though it may be awkward since we don't have an overview camera anymore, I'm willing to try. Yes, I totally want this game. And yes, I haven't played 5th gen so Imma skip that one 8D (except, maybe watch playthroughs). I love Fennekin! 8D And it's a fire-type and I love fire-types (except maybe Tepig's evos and the Chimchar line) So I just might choose that as my starter! But, I'm going to wait until we see their final evolutions *crosses fingers for no more fire/fighting types*

Also, them legendaries!! 8D I was a bit creeped out at first of the Y one (Yveltel), but I do like the semi-symmetry and overall design of it. Looks menacing. But I absolutely love the X one (Xerneas). Name makes me think of Xemnas from KH and I know I'm not the only one xD Plus, it reminds me of the Forest God from Princess Monoke, but sleeker and with rainbow-antlers! 8DD So, you know which version I'm getting~

But first!...Get a 3DS V_V I only have my DS lite (which the battery is low and I need to find the charger) and I might trade it for the 3DS. I've been iffy about the 3DS because 3D hurts my eyes, but I've read that you can turn it off, so that's a plus ^^ BUT! There's no slot for the older Game Boy games. I love my Pokemon RS Pinball and I still have my Ruby version. I'm not actually sure if they still work since it's been a long time I've played them ^^; Urgh, I don't know if I should ask my parents for the 3DS (and game) for my birthday......but then again, mom told me she was gonna get me a professional camera for my birthday so no (although, I can finally take good pictures of the sunsets here...)

I really like the fact that the region seems to be based off of Europe (specifically France). The area(s) seem compared to the cities. I love it! :love:

I hope we can customize our characters. I think I might choose the boy (even though I'm a girl), but maybe, just maybe. And...They be rollin'! Rollerblades/Shoe skates! 8DDD Yay~ Those look like so much fun so long as you're not falling on you ass or face. And the bruises *remembers when she went ice-skating*..../shudder


....not much, actually. Winter Break is coming up so I'll need to get ready for school again. Bleh....

Oh, and I've already (mentally) hurt myself for not posting up artwork like I said I would 8D BUT! In my defense, I want to have a watermark on them and in order to do that, I'll need my Photoshop program. I have no idea where the CD is, but my dad keeps saying that he knows where it is but he won't tell me and even though he says he'll give it to me (like...about a year ago) he still hasn't given it to me (and I've been reminding him too) >C

Pfft....also need to work on my OC design. I've got the first draft done, but I don't like how the hair came out and the arms~ MEH *flails* And, no. I'm not going to post it up until I actually have it done myself ^^

So yeah, I guess that's pretty much it.

Nintendo, :icontakemymoneyplz:

EDIT: Fixed the link. Sorry about that.


Ria Custodia
United States
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Favourite style of art: Free hand drawing
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MP3 player of choice: Dunt hav one and I'm still alive ^_^
Shell of choice: Conch shell
Wallpaper of choice: Fire,daytime
Skin of choice: Slight tan
Favourite cartoon character: Pikachus and any other cute creatures
Personal Quote: Remember, it's not the falling that kills's the crash...

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